Be a BarCamp Charlotte Volunteer

BarCamp Charlotte is a community driven event organized by a small army of local volunteers. We depend on the energy of our volunteers and without them BarCamp just wouldn’t happen. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please fill out this form: Thanks!

Prepping Our Venue for BarCamp Charlotte

The day before the BarCamp, we need a handful of volunteers to help us prep the venue and really just make it awesome. The volunteers will help set up chairs and tables in the main area and individual rooms, hang signs, & pack the goodie bags.

Helping out the day of BarCamp Charlotte

There’s a lot of hubub the day of BarCamp. We’ll need a healthy helping of volunteers to make the event run smoothly.

  • Room coordinators will help attendees find the varied sessions, bathrooms, and most importantly the food.
  • Food support will make sure the food arrives, is unloaded and setup for the hungry mob of BarCampers
  • Tech support help out with problems during the presentations just incase speakers have a problem getting a project to work
  • Parking coordinators direct traffic to the designated parking areas and keep the congestion down
  • Greeters hang out at the entrances, welcome the attendees, hand out their goodie bags, and point them to the main event hall.

Provide equipment

Your time isn’t the only thing you can volunteer. We have roughly 6 rooms that need a bit of equipment for the day. If you can provide anything on the list below fill out the volunteer form above and let us know.

  • projector, we need at least 5
  • projector screens, we need at least 4
  • power cables
  • extention cords
  • speaker & mic system

If you provide any equipment please write your name on some masking tape and stick it somewhere it won’t fall off so we can keep track of what belongs to whom


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