Tell us your BarCampCLT story!


After six events we know you have a story! What’s the best thing that ever happened to you at BarCampCLT?

  • Did you get your dream job?
  • Did you start a new business?
  • Did you meet your true love?
  • Did you hear an inspiring idea that changed your life?

Tell us what happened in the comments below and we might ask you to write a brief blog post for us!


Why attend #BarCampCLT? The meeting of the minds! by @coreyanderson

I had been following the Charlotte Twitter stream for a good 6 months prior to moving from Atlanta, so I had a good idea about what BarCampCLT might be like, but I didn’t know for sure how it would benefit me and wanted to find out at the inaugural event. 

Without question, I was fully impressed! BarCampCLT is a wonderful event that brought creative minds together to mingle with more of the analytic minds…two groups that usually don’t hang out on a regular basis, but on this occasion makes for a wonderful exchange of ideas, concepts and solutions proving that one way of thinking needs the other to succeed in business and life!

The event itself is very unique, and not just because of the mix of people you’ll meet, it’s unique in the way program topics are chosen, discussed and executed. It’s a cornucopia of ideas, kind of a controlled chaos with plenty of networking time in between. Certainly, the best part of the event is that you get to chose how you want to structure your time, based on the topics you believe to contain the most value.

While the format may evolve over time, the first two events were well-received and structured in such a way that you could not leave the building without the creative juices flowing.

Anyone attending the next BarCampCLT event should come in with lots of business cards, various note-taking materials, a topic or product idea and most importantly, an open mind!

Favorite Event of the Year- according to @StephanieNelson

BarCampCLT is one of my favorite events every year!  It’s free.  There are multiple sessions going on during each session time, so I get to choose what most interests me.  The people are awesome – I’ve made some of my best local connections at BarCamp.  And the fact that it happens twice a year is amazing.  I highly recommend anyone and everyone attend at least once!
What do you like most about BarCamp Charlotte?

Looking for interesting voluneer opportunities? by @jlkoctober

A couple years ago I was looking for some new, interesting volunteer opportunities and happened upon BarCamp Charlotte. I had never attended one before so didn’t know what to expect. I absolutely loved it! My first BarCamp (and all the ones thereafter) have been informative, creative, inspiring and fun.  BarCamp is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and network. At my third BarCamp I met an awesome event producer who was very involved in tech and we started a company based on a pitch that she gave.

Quite a few other startups have been borne from an idea pitched at BarCamp, as well. You can give a pitch on anything . Doesn’t have to be tech related. Whether you attend to pitch an idea or just to observe I highly recommend BarCamp.

Have you volunteered at a previous BarCamp Charlotte? What was it like? Tell us below and we might ask for your story too!

What social networks do you use?

We want to create a cool live-stream webpage for social interactions at BarCampCLT 7 that incorporate your favorite networks. What networks should we include in the live-stream besides:

  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Flickr- any other photo sharing sites we should include?
  • YouTube- any other video sharing sites we should include?
  • Facebook (although we will not be able to publicly share what you post to your private account)
  • Tumblr

Just tell us the name of the service we should add to our live-stream in the comments below.